Must Be A Motivated Licensed Barber/Stylist Who Is Enthusiastic About The Barbering Business And Prepared To Work In A High Traffic Location. He/She Are To Be Dedicated To Providing A High Quality Of Custom Cuts For All Hair Types. He/She  Are To Be An Excellent Listener And Communicator Who Works Hard To Provide Each Client’s Experience A Positive One. He/She Are To Be Open To Learning Innovative Trend Cutting Techniques That Will Help Provide Efficiency To Our Work Environment.

     1) Team Leader.
     2) Service Minded.
     3) Business Management.
     4) Artistic & Creative.
     5) Quick Leaner.
     6) Up To Date Trend Knowledge
     7) Collaborative With All Ethnicities And
     8) Task/Time Management With All Services.
     9) Experience With An Straight Razor.
    10) Able To Work In A High traffic
    11) Good Customer Relation And Public
     Relation Skills.
    12) Licensed With Kansas State Barbering Or
          Cosmetology Board.


1) Be Punctual/CONSISTENT With Keeping A Clean Environment – I.E; Barbering Equipment, Barber Station, Tools And IMPLEMENTS. Ensure Daily Cleanliness, Neatness, And Sanitization Of All Functions Of Shop; Barber Station/Equipment/Surrounding Area, Bathroom, Break Room, Lobby, Retail Areas, Front Desk, And Building Exterior. Please Be Mindful Of All HEALTH And Safety Acts Throughout Our Environment And Maintaining Them Preventing Contraction Of Infectious Diseases 2) As Examples Amongst Our Peers, All That You Say And Do Is Being Held In A State Of Diplomacy. Please Be Mindful And Diplomatic Over What You Say And Do, This Is A Family Oriented Business No Matter Who You Are 3) ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS IN OR ON YOUR PERSON DURING BUSINESS HOURS. “THIS IS A NON SMOKING ENVIRONMENT.” I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISMISS YOU OFF THE PREMISSES IF SUCH IS DETECTED 4) Chair Rental Is Set At $175.00 WEEKLY. In My Leadership Position And Living Example, I Am Not EXEMPT From This Percentage I.E Daily Obligation, Therefore This Amount Is A Percentage Of $35.00 Daily Totaling The Weekly Amount Being Due Saturday After Closing Hours. The Doors  Of The Shop Are Open 5 Days A Week To Maintain A Livable Life Per Independent Contractor/Barber, Schedule Accordingly 5) Please Be Mindful That This Location Is A High Traffic Location. All Independent Contractors, (No Exemptions) Are Expected To Cater To Walk-In Traffic As Needed/When You Have An Available Open Chair 6) I Myself As Supervising Management Will Continue To Lead By Example In Word And Deed, To Keep A Functional Operable Business, To Market And Advertise For The Company For Growth And FORWARD Movement Of Our Location, Physically And Financially In All Aspects Possible.